Develop your personal yoga practice



please contact Amelia to express an interest in a future date

9.30am – 1pm

The Cowshed at Cowpots 

SA34 0NG

You will need

A notebook and a pen
A blanket and a cushion
Comfy Clothes



Start your journey in developing a personal yoga practice, or spiritual practice (Sadhana)

We will be breaking down each aspect of our practice, and looking a how you can take this to your mat, and from your mat into your life.

We will be covering movement – Jattis, Kriyays, Asana and Sun Salutations, we will also be looking at how creating a sacred space for yourself, ritual, gratitude and intention, silence, stillness and connection with the breath have a much deeper part to play in balancing our prana, (our energy,) our nervous system and quieting our minds.

I hope that my offerings will support you to discover the balance within, even when you can’t always make it to your weekly class.

Included in the workshop is a book written by my teacher Yogachariya Jnandev, Yoga for Skilful Living. This book includes lots of what we will be covering, along with an introduction to yogic philosophy, which we will also be discussing.

You will go home with a clear understanding of how you can begin your personal practice.

You will need
A notebook and a pen
A blanket and a cushion
Comfy Clothes

The cost of this workshop is £35, which includes the book.

Arrive ant time after 9.15am, we will start at 9.30am and finish at 1pm, we will take a short break mid morning.

If you have been before come again!
It will serve as a refresher for you.
If you already have the book the cost will be £30.