Mindful Breath Online Course


21 day (ONLINE) pranayama (breathing) practice course

Starting on Sunday January 5th




This 21 day (ONLINE) pranayama (breathing) practice course has been designed to be an achievable, effective way to start the new year gently, with your wellbeing at the centre of the practice.
Each Sunday for 3 weeks you will receive a video, audios and descriptions of key breathing practices, with the intention of practicing them each morning, during the day, and just before bed. Ideally you will have a notebook to record your practice daily, set morning intentions and evening reflections (you will also be guided through this.)
You will only need 10 minutes, 3 times a day for these practices. But of course you can take more time and go deeper if you wish.
The practices will support deep breathing, allowing your body to take in enough oxygen to function properly. This deep and focused breath will work towards slowing your heart rate down, which in turn will encourage your nervous system to become more balanced. This, in turn will allow your mind to soften and to slow down, – so this course is perfect for anyone who experiences anxiety, chronic stress, fatigue, depression or sleep problems. Its also perfect for anyone who feels they don’t have enough time to start a time consuming ‘New Years resolution’ but would like to start developing healthier habits and a new awareness of the power of the breath.
You will be invited to join a private Facebook group, so that we can share our experiences, our triumphs, or challenges and discuss creative ways that we can live a more mindful and present life. (it is not a requirement for you to engage with the FB group if you’d rather just be on the receiving end of the practices)
We will begin on Sunday the 5th of January, and continue on the 12th and 19t. Our final video/audio will be on Saturday 25th of January (this will be a treat – a guided relaxation for you to use when you really need a deep, nourishing rest)
You will continue to have access to the group page and all the resources after the 21 days.
You will need
a notebook
access to the internet
30min each day for 21 days