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Specialising in creative enriching activities including mindfulness and yoga. Amelia Stone has over 15 years of experience working with adults, children and families. Amelia teaches Hatha yoga, family and children’s yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes both privately and in schools.

Our classes

Hatha Yoga Classes

Making time for you, your body and your mind to have some space, to relax, renew and rejuvenate. Yoga can help you to create more balance and harmony in your daily life. A regular practice supports strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. It promotes a strong immune system, a healthy digestive system and brings the nervous system into balance, reducing stress and promoting a natural and restful sleep.

Mindfulness Classes

Amelia brings mindfulness practices into all of her classes, and shares Mindfulness and Meditation classes and workshops with children, young people and adults across West Wales.

Have a look at Classes and Events for more info, or message Amelia to find out how you can book her to run a workshop with your organisation, group or school.

Children’s Yoga Classes

Helping children develop a sense of themselves in a busy world! Amelia’s yoga classes encourage the children to feel their breath and the movement of their bodies. Developing mindfulness and attention to the present moment.

Family Yoga Classes

A opportunity to play yoga, engage and connect with your children! These sessions are mindful, fun, interactive and relaxing. 

Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools

Amelia spend most of her working week in schools these days, which she love. Her work in schools varies, each school having different and specific needs. Her aim is to work with each individual school to bring yoga and mindfulness to the staff, children and young people in a way that supports the schools needs and budget!


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Colby Park Run with a beautiful friend 😊 great way to start the weekend 😃🍂🍁🙏🏼
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The act of surrender ..........When you have a plan for the day (or life) and the universe has other plans! 🤣 two children off school with colds! So I’m just home, in my gym gear, swimming bag at the ready, surrendering to the fact I didn’t make it to the gym this morning, the sauna still awaits me 😭and I had to cancel work. One thing being a mum teaches me again and again is the art of surrender and acceptance! 🤗😃🤣🤣 so we’ve lit the fire and I’m gonna get my yoga mat out 😊.
#familywellbeing #parentingsurrender #hygge
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5 days ago

Amelia Stone Wellbeing

This was the pivotal weekend that led me to committing to my 200hr YTT 🙏🏼😊

What experiences or practices have supported you in making small shifts or big changes in your life?

I find that big changes start with small shifts in awareness, small changes in choices that we make, and baby steps in new, (often unchartered) territory.

Our lives are made up of many unconscious habits our choices are often a response to trauma and barriers we have put in place in order to protect ourselves from the world. This makes it harder to make changes, as our body and mind resist them.

This is where a mindfulness practice can support us, by taking time each day to ‘check in’ with ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, energy levels, our breath and our body we begin to notice our thought patterns, our ‘inner Critics’ we notice the pace of our breath and the tension in the body.

With this, we are able to choose again. We can redirect our focus, shift our energy and change direction. We can only do this when we have the presence of mind enough to really recognise the state of our thoughts, feelings and Body.

If this all sounds like a lot to consider, try this practice a few times a day.

Find a comfortable position, sitting, standing or lying down (you can do this at work too 😉)

Closes your eyes

Begin to breath into your tummy

Feel your body expand and open on the inhale

Feel your body contract and soften on the exhale

With every breath out begin to soften your body

feel your chest and tummy soften

feel your arms and legs soften

Feel your shoulders and back soften

Feel your hips and your pelvis soften

Relax all the muscles in your jaw, face, neck and head.

Allow your mind to soften too, give yourself permission to let go of any thoughts that pop into your head.

Check in with your energy levels

Check in with what’s taking your attention and awareness today

Consider how you can shift your focus to what’s happening today, and allow yourself to feel more flow in your actions.

Stay here for as long as you need


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Auntie duties while my sisters are on phones! Been a while since I’ve had 2 children under 1 to juggle! I think we’re winning! 🤣🤣😱 ... See MoreSee Less

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