Yoga, Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Specialising in creative enriching activities including mindfulness and yoga. Amelia Stone has over 15 years of experience working with adults, children and families. Amelia teaches Hatha yoga, family and children’s yoga, mindfulness and meditation classes both privately and in schools.

Our classes

Hatha Yoga Classes

Making time for you, your body and your mind to have some space, to relax, renew and rejuvenate. Yoga can help you to create more balance and harmony in your daily life. A regular practice supports strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. It promotes a strong immune system, a healthy digestive system and brings the nervous system into balance, reducing stress and promoting a natural and restful sleep.

Mindfulness Classes

Amelia brings mindfulness practices into all of her classes, and shares Mindfulness and Meditation classes and workshops with children, young people and adults across West Wales.

Have a look at Classes and Events for more info, or message Amelia to find out how you can book her to run a workshop with your organisation, group or school.

Children’s Yoga Classes

Helping children develop a sense of themselves in a busy world! Amelia’s yoga classes encourage the children to feel their breath and the movement of their bodies. Developing mindfulness and attention to the present moment.

Family Yoga Classes

A opportunity to play yoga, engage and connect with your children! These sessions are mindful, fun, interactive and relaxing. 

Yoga & Mindfulness in Schools

Amelia spend most of her working week in schools these days, which she love. Her work in schools varies, each school having different and specific needs. Her aim is to work with each individual school to bring yoga and mindfulness to the staff, children and young people in a way that supports the schools needs and budget!


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An evening relaxing with my new book and faithful lavender oil 💜 Bliss 🙏🏼 #womenswellbeing #essentialoilsforhealing #essentialoilsforwellness #emotionsandessentialoils #doterralavender ... See MoreSee Less

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Last night the universe conspired to ensure that I take a couple of rest days!

This often happens when I accidentally get too busy!!

I twisted my ankle and have been housebound (actually sofa bound) all day!! 😱

My medicine?....

💙lots of rest

💙an elevated foot

💙healthy, nutritious food

💙lots of herb teas to keep my fluid intake up

💙arnica salve

💙pranayama to bring my mind and body into harmony so it can heal itself naturally

💙DoTERRA’s Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend to reduce swelling and support healing

My lesson?......

💚to rest and take my time

💚to always have gratitude for my body, and not my health for granted

💚when I feel the niggle that I’m overdoing it, I should listen, and take that day off (before twisting an ankle!) #selfcare #selfhealing
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3 weeks ago

Amelia Stone - Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing
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3 weeks ago

Amelia Stone - Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing
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3 weeks ago

Amelia Stone - Yoga, Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Wow! How exciting! I always work with no shoes on, teachers in school look at me like I’m crazy sometimes, but when I’m grounded I can connect with people better 🌲🌲🌲🙏🏼

IndigoPsychology Academy- Alexandra TeoDores
This short documentary will blow your mind. (disclaimer- i am not the author of this documentary).
Grounding is not just a trendy technique for calming down it's a way to prevent and cure diseases.

You're hearing a lot these days the word 'grounding' , but do you really know what it means and why is VITAL to practice for your health?
Here's the scientific explanation.
#science #grounding #earthing
check Clint Ober &

via Uplifted Life.
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