Family Yoga

A opportunity to play yoga, engage and connect with your children!

Family Yoga

These sessions are mindful, fun, interactive and relaxing. A opportunity to play yoga, engage and connect with your children!

I am a big advocate of using play as a vehicle to explore, connect and feel our experiences. I have spent my whole adult life working with children, and really enjoy their company! As a mother of two boys I also feel that family time, bonds and connections are vital to our happiness and family wellbeing. My work with families reflects this, by being flexible, adaptable and fostering a flow that is inclusive of everyone.

About my classes

Each session includes lots of fun Jattis (warm ups), Kriya (movement with the breath) Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breath-work). Finally a peaceful Savasana (relaxation) concludes each session.

This helps us to soften and connect to our bodies in the present moment. There is also a playful, group and partner yoga aspect to these classes, along with some creativity in making up our own moves and postures.

Sessions can be aimed at Parents and Babies, Parents and Toddlers, Parents and Children, and Parents and Teenagers. Although they can incorporate all ages, its usually best to have a set age range so that everyone can get the most out of it.

Would you like to book a class?

Contact me if you’d like to book family yoga sessions for your group or event or visit our booking and availability page for details on all our current classes.