Fun, easy ways to engage your children at home, so the whole family can feel calmer, more relaxed, more connected and happy to be at home together!


What can we see?

Taking time out together to have a look around and notice the environment around you can support both adults and children in settling themselves into the present moment. In my family mindfulness workshops I would focus on looking for shapes and colours, asking everyone to close their eyes each time we have a new colour, so that everyone can experience the joy of seeing each new colour afresh.


This activity is great for little ones, it’s also great when you are out walking together. I like to focus on how many different shades of green we can see, noticing the shapes of the leaves and the movement of the leaves and branches. 


Shake and Relax

Shaking the body can have a really positive impact on the mood of everyone! (Yes adults too!)

Together, lying down on your backs, begin to shake your arms and legs, encourage children to ‘go crazy’ moving as fast as they like!

After a while, encourage everyone to gently float arms and legs down to the floor, asking children to be as still as they can, focusing on the breath travelling in and out of the body. Repeat this a few times, noticing the contrast between movement and stillness. 

 This is a great activity to practice when children need to let off some steam, it’s also great to support children in falling asleep with ease.


Feather Blowing 

Feather blowing is a great way to get little ones filling up their lungs and breathing deeply.

Encourage children to breath in through their nose and blow out through their mouth.  The action of blowing out all the air encourages a deeper, fuller breath, which is a great way to bring little nervous systems back to balance after busy, stressful or upsetting times. For this reason it supports self regulation.  

If you feel your child struggles to regulate emotionally, or is particularly strong willed, or seems unreasonable in their wants and needs, give them a feather, this simple act alone will not only distract them from what they’re focusing on, but allow them to release their anger, frustration or anxiety so they can feel balanced again.  

Finally, this activity is great simply because it means you and your child are engaging and playing with each other, which is time well invested!   



Swimming in Space

Matching gentle movement with the breath is a great way to press pause on your day. This activity is one of my ‘top’ tools for teachers in the classroom.


It brings focus to the breath, whilst including mindful, conscious movement.

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Sleeping Lions and Sitting Statues

This is a great game to play with children! It encourages them to enjoy a moment of stillness and silence. A perfect reset for feeling calm and more connected.


Use other breathing techniques to help the children be still e.g. focus on the breath, following the breath.

Use a simple body scan to support stillness. (See Mindful Moments Cards or PDF Download link below)

You can ask the children to do this for a set time e.g. 2 minutes, or have it as a competition, – when children move they can open their eyes and wait quietly for other children

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