5 easy Mindfulness Games to practice at home – FREE PDF


Mindful Moments – Family Mindfulness Cards

5 easy Mindfulness Games to practice at home – FREE PDF

Suitable for children aged 5+

For Calm, Happy and Relaxed Children


THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PDF FILE – Which can be used directly on a phone or tablet, or printed off onto paper or card

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5 easy Mindfulness Games to practice at home – FREE PDF

Mindful Moments activity cards are a great way to support your family wellbeing.

Use them together to help everyone feel calmer, happier and more relaxed.

They can support children in dealing with fears and anxiety, hyperactivity, and sleep problems.

They can also be used to support you in creating a calmer, more relaxed home environment, so that you and your children are ready and able to face the world again!

This FREE PDF includes

Swimming in Space

Sleeping Lions

Shake and Relax


Feather Blowing


For children aged 5 years – 12 years

There are 36 activity cards in total, and each section has a guide card so you can see how they can benefit your family.

Mindful Moments are divided into 6 sections, each section also has a guide card. This makes it easier for you to decide which practices are best for you and your children, and understand the benefits.

MOVE CARDS – Use Move cards daily, to promote a healthy, strong and relaxed body.

(7 Activity Cards + Guide Card)



BREATHE CARD – Use Breathe cards daily, to promote a relaxed body, a balanced nervous system, a happy tummy and concentration.

(7 Activity Cards + Guide Card)



RELAX CARDS – Use Relax cards daily, to promote stillness, rest and relaxation.

(6 Activity Cards + Guide Card)



CONNECT CARDS – Use connect cards regularly, to promote a sense of wellbeing, belonging and family connection.

(6 Activity Cards + Guide Card)



SENSE CARDS – Use Sense cards regularly, to promote mindfulness, awareness and focus.

(5 Activity Cards + Guide Card)



ENGAGE CARDS – Use Engage cards regularly, to help your child process emotions, reflect on thoughts, feelings and actions and develop confidence and self esteem.

( 5 Activity Cards + Guide Card)




Take time to read the guide cards at the beginning of each section.

There are 36 activity cards in total, so you will need to take time to get to know them.

Ways to practice

  • Select a card a day and practice when you can
  • Select a few cards each time you practice. (Min 20 min each time)
  • Select 6 cards each time you practice, 1 of each colour (you will need 30 min for this)
  •  Play Pick a Card with your child
  • See our other listings for Bedtime Routine Guides.



These cards and scripts have been designed by Amelia Stone Wellbeing, and are protected by copy-write laws.

Please only use them with your children, they are not for resale.

This is for A6 mindfulness cards


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